Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shades of Grey

I took part in the PFC challenge for this month about bending trend hosted by Pandaphilia. For a preview of other bloggers click the link. A new trend that I am loving now is monochromatic. I decided to do grey. I don’t quite think I have 50 shades in the picture but I think I have about 5 shades. I wanted to do a maxi skirt in two ways for day and night. I always do a maxi dress. I got the skirt from one of my friends. She heard me complaining about not having anything to style with grey and she brought it out of her closet. My friends are awesome. You better surround yourself with some good ones.

For the day look, I wanted to show a trend this season monochrome. This is when you wear the same color but different shades of that same color. Monochrome was in trend last season and will continue to stay on trend. I chose grey because as winter approaches grey and silver will be excellent. It will look great with a snow background. I paired the skirt with a plain grey t-shirt and a simple necklace. I wanted to make the outfit simple, I think it makes a statement of its own.

I decided to do a black and white photo to make everything really grey.

I turned the skirt into a dress in order to for a night out look. The skirt was definitely big at the waist so I used pin to hold it down to give it shape. I paired it with my blazer, long necklace, and silver shoes. My sister gave me the idea. I didn’t think it would work till I tried it on. I love the combination. I wish the button on the blazer was silver. The chain and the blazer brings the outfit to a new level.

I love the silver clutch and the chandelier earrings. I am bringing chandelier earrings back in style. One of the reasons I love being in Houston is shopping my sister’s closet. I have clothes but lacking on accessories. She fusses but I still take.

FYI: Don’t complain too much, your circumstance is not as bad as you think. It can be worse. Instead find a solution.


  1. this look is so trendy yet polished! i really like the contrast of navy against silver and you look so great in these silhouettes!

    thanks for participating in PFC! remember to link up on my post :) you get to enter your blog info and crop your thumbnail too. you can still link up until end of september if you want to throw together something quickly
    pandaphilia style

  2. Definitely love the night look. It is so poised and elegant.

  3. I love it!! I never thought about monochrome, I just might try it after seeing this :D