Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nigerian Style

As many of you know I am Nigerian. Born full bred Nigerian. This weekend I had the privilege of attending my first Nigerian traditional engagement. It was fun. They make the groom and family put up a lot of money to see the bride. It is just amusing to watch. I decided to go full fledge and tie gele (head wrap) with the outfit. It took great boldness and I had to find one of the older women to tie it in the parking lot for me, but it was worth it. In order to wear the gele, you have to make sure your makeup looks really nice or you will look weird.

My friends and I at the engagement. The food was so good and so was the dancing. I love our culture we eat and burn off all the food by dancing. The wedding is a 3 day party and celebration.
The couple looked gorgeous. It was so much fun dancing in the bride to meet her groom. I went to college with the bride.
At the end of the night. It was so hot we took the geles off. I don’t know how our mothers wear those things all day. It felt good to be able to feel my ears and not have numbness from the tight gele.
This is an embellished simple lace dress. I love the color. I wore it for the white wedding on Saturday. The picture is so bright but this is what happens in good ole Texas. The sun was out in full force.
My friends from my LSU days what a great reunion.

Another weekend in Houston for another wedding. It is really wedding season. I enjoyed freedom during my weekend off 2 weeks in a row. This rarely happens.
Congratulations to the couple. I really enjoyed myself at the wedding. I danced myself out of my shoes. The best wedding thus far. The couple looked absolutely beautiful and in love.


Even the groom was getting down. We ate and then we danced off all the food. I don’t think we left the wedding till after 11:30pm. Oh the fun.

FYI: Don’t be a party pooper at weddings. Get on the dance floor and have fun. I love my culture.

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