Saturday, July 7, 2012

To the Rescue

Top: Go Jane(similar); Shorts: Target (similar); Shoes: Payless (similar); Bangles: Nigeria (similar); Belt: Aeropostale ; Earring: Charlotte Russe 
This is an amazing picture by my friend Lakaila (her work). These pictures describe me and my personality. Love things out the box and very adventurous.. She does an amazing job taking my pictures. Plus we are both having great experiences learning. She is learning more about photography and I am about blogging and fashion. She tries to teach me about editing pictures and I try to teach her about creating outfits. She says this outfit looks like Minnie Mouse because of the bow. Also I like how our perspectives on the pictures are different I immediately focus on the outfit and she focuses on the quality of the images. So funny.

I am here to rescue those who need help with their fashion. Check out those bangles(biceps). I got it from pulling patients up in the bed. As you can tell I don’t have a mean bone in my body no matter how hard I try. I keep a smile. Ok so since I always wear color I decided to go neutral for people who love neutrals. I paired a Target denim bermuda shorts with a silk top. It is so comfortable and fun. The Go Jane (coupon) line have fun, flirty, and trendy tops. This is my first purchase from the clothing line but I love this top so much.

The details on the top is magnificent. The top although neutral in color has great detailing with the use of the bow. The bow looks sophisticated and elegant. The bermuda shorts are a steal from Target $6. The shorts have a chambray feel and look to them. It is a soft denim material.
To make this day look fun, I paired it with wooden bangles and earring. I also had this neutral shoes from Payless.
Blazer: Forever 21(here) Shoes: Payless (here)
I love to get an all day look out of my outfit so for night I paired the outfit with a Forever 21 blazer. I couldn’t resist color so I paired it with a blue suede pump from Payless. I like the bow outside the blazer.


I have mad hops. Look how far from the ground I am.
I cheated I jumped from on top the bench.
FYI: Budgeting is the best decision I made in my passion to save and passion to shop. I would budget a certain amount every paycheck to my shopping budget. It started when I was doing work study as a college student making $5 to now that I am a nurse. I know $5 that can’t even by me a meal at a fast food restaurant now. I would only spend that amount on clothing in that month and if I did not spend it I had a bigger budget for next month or I had money left over to save for something else.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's so cool that you live in BR too.I love how you left the bow tucked outside your blazer..very chic!