Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Say Shorty

Wearing shorts is a no-no for many women. We come up with different reasons not to. My take on shorts is different from what it was 2 years ago. I never used to wear shorts because I was very self conscious about how people would view a tall person like me with shorts on. I thought people would think I was trying to show my body in a promiscuous way. I know the thoughts that flows through our minds. I came to a realization one day it is not what others think about me, but what God thinks about me. I knew my mindset and that is not the message I was sending. Now when I say shorts I do not mean daisy dukes. I had to build my image of myself. After time, I started wearing shorts with confidence and the funny thing was people complemented me about the shorts and how nice it looked on me.

This is a guide for helping those who need help picking and wearing shorts for their body type. I got some friends to let me go in their closets and style shorts based on what they had. They learned the different combination they can do with their shorts. They loved it and it was a joy for me to style them. I not only love styling myself but helping others find their style or something they would have not chosen themselves. I chose different body types and showed which shorts fit was perfect for them. The post includes: petite, tall, plus size, and boyish figure. I also featured four different types of shorts to wear.

Being a petite woman means having to deal with different problems when finding the right clothes for your figure. When it comes to shorts you need to choose the shortest ones. Moreover, if you go for ones with stripes, you'll certainly manage to look taller than you really are. 4 or 5 inch-inseam shorts are long enough to give some upper-leg coverage, but short enough to lengthen the leg. Avoid cuffs or rolled-up styles because that will just make your legs look shorter.
Top: Thrifted (similar) Shorts: Wal-Mart (similar); Belt: Francesca’s Collection(similar)
Ebi is wearing a Chambray with some regular everyday shorts. This shorts is from the girls section (you would have never known) at Walmart. Since she has a petite frame, it is better to pick shorts that are not too long so she can look elongated. I love the colors of the shorts it brightens her up and the belt is just fantastic, it pulls the whole outfit together.  Her shirt is tucked in to show her stature more and give the illusion of height.
shorts 1DSC_0111
Women who have long legs can easily find a pair of shorts to flatter their silhouette. Shorts that end just above the knee flatter them the most. This type of shorts are not too long to cover the legs, nor too short too make them look even longer.
Top: H&M (similar); Shorts: Thrifted (similar); Shoes: Addias (here)
I am wearing a dressy shorts. It is made from wool and I love the feel. I can wear it in the summer and also in the winter with tights. Since I have a tall frame short shorts would be too short and so I went for the in between the knee. I paired with a silk top to create a simple look. I love simple. It was raining when it was my turn to take picture and I decided to be a trooper to go in the rain and I love the picture. Shorts are also versatile for rain at least I knew my pants won’t get wet. The shoes make this outfit have a sporty feel to it.

Plus Sized
Bermuda are the best option for women with curves. With their knee-length, these type of shorts have the gift of covering exactly what you want. Navy blue is the perfect color for a casual, daytime look, but it is also appropriate for a night out outfit if you pair it with a satin blouse in a light color. You might also try other colors such as beige, brown, khaki or red. Wear them with breezy blouses and lower heels.
Top: Old Navy (similar); Sweater: (similar); Shorts (similar); Scarf: Old Navy (similar)

Janessa is wearing a denim bermuda shorts. It has a loose feel to it. Since Janessa is plus size any other shorts would not be the best for her shape. The bermuda gives great coverage. It is paired with a flowy sweater and a colorful summery scarf. I love the contrasting color between the scarf and the sweater. I also loved how she tied the scarf, it elongates her.

extra-style_thumb_thumb DSC_0024
For those of you who have a sporty frame shorts with different, stranger shapes are a good option. You can choose a pair of baggy shorts or ones with a high waist that can create the illusion of a curvier body. Sporty figures look great in short shorts too. However, in this case one should pay attention as shorts can become a little vulgar if they are not properly accessorized. Therefore, choose loose short shorts, a loose t-shirt, and a pair of flat sandals instead of high heels.
Top: Forever 21(here); Vest: Charlotte Russe(similar); Shorts: (similar); Shoes: Toms(here)
Rachel is wearing a denim short. She has a sporty frame. She would look great in any pair of shorts because of her frame. The shorts is paired with an everyday racer back striped shirt and a pink vest. In order to make her outfit not so sporty I added the vest to create a soft feel. She also rocked her TOMS. I love her distressed and cuffed denim which can be a great DIY project.
FYI:  Never run around in a pair of shorts that fail to cover your derriere (a.k.a. Daisy Dukes.)

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