Monday, July 23, 2012

Color blocking (Shoe style)

Guest Post: My Sister
shoe shoe 2
When it comes to choosing an outfit for an occasion, I always let my shoes do the picking. I know exactly which shoe I want to showcase and they pretty much determine what I will wear. Shoes are such an intricate part of an outfit that it can turn a drab outfit into a stunning outfit. The current shoe trends for 2012 are downright bold and stylish. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. With the right shoes on your feet, you almost feel invincible.
My absolute favorite trend is Color block. Ever since I got my first color block dress, I knew I was hooked to this trend. I spent the next couple of months indulging my color block obsession. It started with clothes then graduated to shoes and finally to purses. Went from primary colors to pastels and to pack a mean punch – Neon. One important rule of thumb for color blocking is to never exceed 3 colors at any given time. That way you don’t look like rainbow.
Charlotte Russe is the best place for trendy shoes they always have great sales on their shoes. They sell many trendy shoes and carry most sizes in store or online. Most shoes range from $10-$40 and right now they have buy 1 get one for $10.50, plus $10 off $50 so you might be able to get 2 pairs of shoes for $40.

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