Monday, July 9, 2012

Peplum + Aztec

What are your aspirations in life? Did you know you were born with a purpose and are you fulfilling yours? One thing I enjoy doing is helping people find their destiny and encouraging them to reach for it. I love mentoring high school seniors and college students. It gives me great joy especially when after a couple of years of mentoring them they finish what they started or have an idea of their destiny and are fulfilling it. For example, growing deeper in their relationship with God, graduating, getting married, and finally deciding what they want major in in college (this is tough). Took the pictures at my Alma mater LSU in Baton Rouge. I was reminiscing old times at the college. I am thankful that I choose this college. I grew up and experienced life at that school. 

Peplum+Aztec=nice combination. I love the peplum trend. I got my tailor in Nigeria to design this peplum top and pencil skirt for me. I can wear the top with a black skinny jeans and also I can wear the skirt with a nude flowy blouse, and also as a combination together. That’s 3 outfits out of this 1 outfit, that is exciting to me. I will show you the different combinations later. I like the color combo because I can wear the top and skirt in the winter with sweaters or boots. Investment pieces are great because you can wear it all seasons of the year.
Some much destiny in one group. You have a destiny and future too. Reach for it and do not give up.

50's. We look high class!!!
Unique and stylish group...Funny too..
FYI: Love this group of ladies, they are awesome and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. They are going to be great wives, mothers, accountant, engineers, lawyers, politicians, financial advisors, physical therapists, mentors, and whatever their destiny holds.