Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brights On

Just created a new saying for fashion “turn your brights on” instead of “turn your lights on”. Funny I know (being sarcastic). This summer brights are the colors to wear especially Neon. One thing I like about neon is that it works for all skin tones and makes a person look energized and happy. When you put neon on a dull person they can’t help but to crack a smile. This past week at my church we had a youth conference (Saturate) and it was loaded with neon's. I was excited to go shopping out of my closet for the neon night.
Top: Forever 21(similar)  Pants: Aeropostale (similar) Shoes: Payless (similar)


With neon colors you can wear different colors at the same time and it would all work. I paired yellow with purple and blue and it all works well. Most people think neon just means bright orange, lime green, but there are other colors like pink, yellow, blue, teal, etc..
The dull color brings out what we call the stank face.
Neutrals can sometimes be boring and dull, but neon's brighten you up. It makes you upbeat and full of life.
Bright colors and full of life
I decided to take part in a challenge by the The Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers (CapFABB) , it is about styling a neon look. I took on the challenge and I think I passed with bright colors. If you want to see how other bloggers did click here.
At the conference. Congrats to my friend T-Bone for completing the internship (here). I am proud of her.
What kind of neon colors do you mix together?

FYI: Hard work +Opportunity=Success. Make good use of every opportunity.

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