Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One maxi dress, two ways

This is another one of my creations in Nigeria. I wanted a maxi dress that was long enough and was unique. As you can see my mom knows how to pick great material. When the tailor made the dress at first it was short so I asked him to add extra material in the center to make it longer and I love it.
I styled the first look with a brown vest and a long chain. The chain came from an old watch pendant that I found at home. The watch doesn't work but makes a great pendant.
Another outfit pairing is with a simple brown two buckle belt. It makes the dress have a different feel.
A flowy, long dress make me free and on top of the world. I have always wanted a maxi dress that covered my feet and drags on the floor and this one does.
I love watches and always feel comfortable with them on. I have on a Fossil watch. It was a Christmas present. Also love how my veins pop up I will tell you the secret.

My niece and I at her dance recital. She told me to strike her dance pose.
The pattern of the dress is great and it is wrinkle free. So you can slip on and go. I wore the dress to my nieces dance recital. I never laughed so much. The groups performing ranged from 3 yrs old to 18 yrs old and the 3yrs old age where funny. Most of them were watching the instructor on the side and then sometimes standing still or doing whatever they wanted. Everyone laughed because they were all still cute even though they didn't dance. Plus they all got a trophy. This was my first dance recital and I really enjoyed it. It was worth the 8hrs in a car to see her.

FYI: Nursing tip- In order to make your veins pop up, drink about 6-8 cups of water daily. It helps you stay hydrated in the heat. It flushes your kidneys and releases toxins. Don’t worry no charge for my medical advice.

Being a dare devil with my photographer Lakaila. The shot is great though.


  1. Love this dress styled both ways! And love that fabric. Gorgeous!

  2. i like it, simple nd nice

  3. Two words.....Love it!!!

  4. LOVE the dress Ade!!, especially with the vest and the long necklace.. The pattern of the dress is awesome!!!