Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Dress: Old Navy (here), Bracelet: Francesca’s Collections, Shoes: Nine West (here)
So you never know something until you ask. In the Old Navy at a mall in Boston I saw this dress on the huge clearance rack. The dress had the price $34.94 but I off course knew it was cheaper. I was drawn to the color and the simplicity of the dress but the intricate details of the pattern. I decided to try it on and fell in love with it. I love colors and patterned pieces. The color of the dress is a neon yellow which is a trend this summer.


The dress had a small stain on it you could hardly see it in the picture and nothing that Tide couldn’t cure. I love the dress. When I got to the counter I asked the sales associate the price he told me $14.94, I was fine with that but I decided to ask if there was a discount for the small stain. The manager looked at it and she said 50% off. I was so excited and I told him ring it up. You never know something till you ask. Always ask what is the least they can say No!! Moral of the story: I paid about $7.50 for the dress.

Also thanks to my Aunt for the birthday gift to Nine West my shoe collection is getting better.


FYI: Never buy things full price, use store coupons and deals. I got 3 pairs of Nine West shoes for $100 by using their additional 25% on your birthday when you sign up for their emails and then the running promotion. Also Francesca’s collection sometimes have 50% off their jewelry.


  1. Hello! Just popped over from EBEW! Gorgeous dress... love the pairing with the shoes! Nice work!
    Best, Whitley

  2. nice!!! i almost bought that dress. i'm loving old navy lately...

  3. Great color sis, enhances your skin tone... Simple yet classy

  4. I love this dress, and actually tried it on...but sadly it didn't look very good on me. But you are rocking it!

    Pink Chai Style

    1. Thanks! They had different colors. I think the white one with flowers would look nice on your skin tone.

  5. I love it! We definitely share the same theory as far as paying full price for things-I DON'T DO IT!! You practically stole this dress-$7.50 is an awesome price.