Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the beginning


Welcome to my blog. Creating this blog has been an idea that has been in my head since January 2012. At my church Bethany World Prayer Center, during the first 21 days of January we pray, fast, worship, read the Bible together and just pray for God’s vision for our life in that year. This is one of the visions He gave me and now I am being obedient. It was a hard process to start I had doubts but I pushed through them. I am a Registered Nurse but if I wasn’t I would have majored in fashion and became a designer. I love everything fashion since high school. In high school my family did not have a lot of money, so I would try to make my clothes not look second hand by doing DIY projects on them. I love to dress myself and other people so in this blog you will not only see fashion on me but also on other people. I want to show people you can look your best at any size and also you don’t always have to spend a lot on clothing. You have to use wisdom to budget and spend within your means. This blog is a way to encourage others and teach practical things I have learned. “Created in His image” comes from:

Genesis 1:27
27 So God created human beings[a] in his own image.
      In the image of God he created them;
      male and female he created them.

We all are created in God’s image so we should never try to become another person but try to be the best us we can be. Come along this journey with me and I hope you enjoy it.

FYI: Thanks to my great friend Lakaila for the beautiful pictures you get to see. She is talented. We both pursued something we were passionate about.

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  1. Great intro to your passion for fashion... Love the inspiration where it stemmed from.