Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Double Trouble

Daytime- Shirt: Old Navy(here); Shorts: Plato’s Closet (similar); Bag: Sisters closet (similar); Watch: Dad’s old work watch; Chain: Delias (similar)
Nighttime-Shirt: Old Navy(here); Jeans: H&M (here); Clutch: Target; Bracelet: from Nigeria
Day to night. Have you ever found yourself trying not to waste two outfits in one day? I do all the time, so what I do is if I have another event to go to I find one item that I can wear to both events. I got this striped Old Navy shirt in medium. The shirt has a beach flow feel to it.

Daytime: This striped shirt works well. I wore it with shorts to a prayer session at church. Yes you can wear shorts to church, you just have to be comfortable and get over your insecurity. Don’t worry it took me years because being 5’10 some shorts turn into daisy dukes. You have to pick the right shorts for your body type. I was always self conscious that I was too tall for shorts and I had to wear bermuda shorts or capris pants. Lies!! You just have to pair it with the right pieces so it does not come off odd looking.


Accessories are simple for the day time: a plain gold hoops will be fine, also if you are spontaneous you can throw in an owl necklace and a Louis Vuitton bag that I hassled and begged my sister for. Don’t be proud to ask when you want something. LOL. I am not all about name brand as long as it is cute, but I will receive if someone gives it to me.

I love the playfulness and intricate detail of the owl.
Night Time

Nighttime: Striped shirt with a H&M jeans. The jeans were another find in Boston for $9.95 and got extra 35% off with a coupon for being on the mailing list. Thanks to post from other bloggers. The jeans are so comfortable. I am in love with H&M we need one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Accessories are fierce: a leopard print shoe, leopard and gold bracelet, watch, and a black clutch.The accessories are simple because I did not want to overpower the stripes of the shirt. The clutch my sister actually bought for me so I did not have to beg. The watch is my dad’s old company watch. He worked for Chevron and they gave it to him during his 5 yrs. anniversary at the company. He has had it since 1993. This is my go to watch for almost everything.

Check out the veins. I can start a 18g IV in that hand.

FYI: Stripes are in every season. You can never go wrong with stripes. Also to make your jeans last longer, do not put it in the dryer. Hang dry them. One last thing: Incorporate old pieces to your wardrobe like my dad’s old watch he doesn’t wear.


  1. Yay Ade! Like! Lol @ "Yes you can wear shorts to church..."

  2. Awww Addy! I love your blog. Yes we definitely need an H&M in Louisiana. There are about two opening up in the Houston area this summer.